/ The future of NFTs

You probably think NFT is a photo of a bored monkey or a .jpeg that made your friend rich. For some, it's like a community & for some, it's a flex. I don't care what category you belong to bro but I am writing this for you to broaden your horizon. Cause you are about to read some alpha.


As enthusiasts become more comfortable staking and farming their holdings for yield, NFTs promise incentives beyond APY%. NFTs will become base DeFi assets, with community access included. These won’t be simple savings plays — they’ll also be investments in communities. This is going to blow your mind once I launch. You need to first understand how Yield farming & node staking works. (Its worst than maths)

“Soulbound” NFTs (Like Digi Locker but on Web-3 with multiple more use cases)

NFTs are lauded for their transferability, but there are many use cases for non-transferable tokens: driver’s licenses, diplomas, certifications, proof of attendance, etc. Soulbound NFTs lock-in provenance, and can not be sold.

Retail (Hype)

Retailers from a standard 7–11 to Reliance retail will use NFTs to incentivize IRL transactions, leveraging creators to drive traffic to storefronts. For example, Yeezy NFTs that airdrop with purchases from Gap stores, or NFTs that unlock exclusive features for a launch of a new car.

Borrowing Platforms ( Adding value & demand)

Because NFTs can unlock temporary access — like entry to conferences — markets for short-term lending are emerging. For example, I’ve personally lent my friends Manchesters year pass so that they could attend a match. Imagine this as a marketplace: Year-long pass to Wankhede, but for NFTs.

Activism (Making activism Cool)

Communities, where NFT ownership supports political causes, will gain traction as millions flow into community wallets. Imagine environmental NFT collectives where sales are directed towards lobbying efforts, and those efforts are coordinated by a community DAO (If you’re not part of a DAO yet, NGMI fren.)

NFT Indexes (Gen Z’s SIP)

Getting exposure to hundreds of NFTs via indexes will boom as market movers tap collectors for funds. Imagine a Christie’s NFT ETF. They have the influence to get assets to liquidity — investors will ape into that. It will also broaden support for NFT communities.

Marketing (very niche)

Bounties Creators and brands will drop unique quests within communities, rewarding completion with NFTs. This could be anything from completing a questionnaire to referring members into the community, to attending events. Bounties can be highly competitive, or open wide

Education and Customer Support ( Smart Influencer)

Upon demonstrating exceptional knowledge of a brand’s product, users can receive NFTs in exchange for onboarding newbies into the community, or providing support. This can be exponentially more impactful than a brand employee doing the same

Customer Cohort NFTs (Stamp collection < NFT collection)

Imagine receiving an NFT for being one of the first Air Jordan customers, and how valuable that would be today. How Nike might reward you years later with special access and product. Cohort NFTs prove that you took a certain action, at a certain time. First-day first show for Salman’s movies. The collection will have metadata of your ticket.

Loyalty Exchanges (Loyalty Program 3.0)

As brands and creators seek to reinforce loyalty, community behaviour will be rewarded with NFTs. Did the member contribute content? NFT. Complete surveys? NFT. Make a purchase? NFT. Tokens are more liquid and bragworthy than traditional discount codes. After you have a certain number of these NFT’s you’re applicable for Steals and access to offers. You will be first in queue. Best part? if you don't want it, you could always sell it, cause it liquid.

Leaderboards (Web -3 will enable this)

NFT communities will gamify by highlighting the performance and participation of top players. Top contributors will receive rewards and clout, thereby incentivizing communities to hold and participate in the game. Eg. You were the top leader in the game for x days and you get a golden NFT for achieving that fleet.

Fractionalization (less likely)

Splitting up NFTs into individual shares gives more people exposure to blue-chip assets, like owning a piece of a crypto punk. The result? More liquidity for holders and more appreciation of blue-chip assets as money enters the markets.

Collateralization ( Very volatile & will require only Blue chip NFT’s)

To date, lenders have been averse to NFT holders borrowing against their assets. But as institutional $$$ flows in, and assets become better stores of value, collateral markets will promise flexibility and liquidity for all NFT holders, not just whales

These are just my thoughts, based on my research and xx numbers of threads on Twitter and community. My implication is more towards India but the fact all of this will take a lot of time to develop in India as the masses have just got access to good internet. The key here is to make it less complicated and safe.

Also,trust me even if you understand half of it, you’re super early.



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